Who needs a jar of BerryWell? We want to give you one! Here is how you can enter to win:


1. Like and share our post on facebook

2. Tweet this link (be sure to either mention us or comment that you shared- @beeyoutifulcom)

3. Share a picture of you (or better yet your cute kids) with BerryWell- be creative! you can post to our FB page or email to -if you do not have BerryWell yet, be creative

4. Leave a comment here

And tell your friends!

Ready, set, go….you have until Friday at 8pm to enter


58 responses to “Surprise!

  1. I liked, I shared, I tweeted and replied…now I am commenting and wishing to win a free bottle of berrywell! I can’t post a pic of us with your product because I have never tried Berry Well…please give me a chance to try your amazing product! πŸ™‚

  2. Shared on facebook and pintrest ….Hope I get on for free!!!!!! that would be lovely…and my Girls think it’s Yummy!!! they ask for it and I am out….

  3. I liked and shared on FB .Would LOVE to try this! Am taking my 7 yo to Dr today for really swollen glands.Wonder if this would help?

  4. My college daughter has had a congested cough for four weeks….I sent her a bottle of BERRY WELL, and after taking about two thirds of it….her cough is nearly gone, in about a week!!! Would love to have another bottle to send to her… help her stay well till she gets home!!!

  5. Would love to try this for our family after hearing such great things about it. Shared on facebook as well. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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