Give us your best story

We want your best story including something Beeyoutiful! Calling all funny stories, heart warming renditions, and cute clamorings!

What: Any story, including something Beeyoutiful, can be humorous, serious, adorable, or clever….you can submit multiple entries!

When: Submit your stories from now until Friday, November 2nd, 2012 @5pm,winner will be announce Monday, November 5th @10am.

Where: Submit by sending stories to

The Prize: Beginner Basic Essential Oil Pack

Note: no purchase necessary!


6 responses to “Give us your best story

  1. My 3rd born child, a very difficult boy at times, was having a particurly bad morning. His sister was being extra bossy and things were just not going his way! After yet another incident he left the house with much anger, slammed the door, and proceeded to the garage. I could hear him out there yelling at someone. Figuring it was his older brother that was getting the undeserved ramblings, I opened my window to hear what was being said. Upon listening and watching for a moment I realized that he was in fact crying out to God! He was pacing the garage floor, just telling God all about his “bad life”! “God, its not fair!” He yelled! My sister is such a BRAATT!!” “my life is terrible!” Oh God! Help me!” All the while weeping loudly! I laughed and I cried. For I felt his frustrations and yet how terrible can a life be for an 8 yr old?! I let him lay it all before God, prayed for him while I listened and he carried on for a good 20 mins! After it was all said and done, I drew him a hot bath and gave let him some calming tea. He was quiet the rest of the day, which is a BIG change for my most on-the-go child!

  2. Here is a poem I wrote over 6 yrs ago! all the things in the poem really happened, though not in the same day!

    The baby spilled her juice again all over the fresh-mopped floor
    The dog is chewing on the phone, my boys are swinging from the door

    I’m on my hands and knees cleaning up the mess
    All the while talking to God, my sins I must confess

    Can’t you see how hard it is to be a mama down here?
    “In me find your peace, it is always near”

    I get up,ready, to move on with my day
    I can do this, wait, Cody’s on the roof you say?

    O’ Lord! I cry, on my way up the stairs
    Can’t you see its really not fair!

    “walk after the spirit,find your peace in me”
    Yes Jesus! I can do it! you’ll see.

    I deal with the roof-walker, saving his wretched soul
    Only to find the baby brushing her teeth from the toilet bowl

    I give her a good scrubbing trying to make her understand
    That thing is full of germs and not for your hands

    she nods as of she gets it, chattering all the while
    I send her on her way, managing a weak smile

    My nine yr old is dancing in the kitchen w/ the broom
    She believes she is Cinderella and cleaning is her doom

    I can’t help but laugh at the drama she portrays
    I tell her keep sweeping,not to take all day

    I get a cup of coffee and sit down with a sigh
    I start to thank the Lord when something catches my eye

    Is that the truck? It cannot be, Dan is over there
    And I don’t remember him having such baby blond hair

    I think I’ve got to be losing my ever- lovin mind
    Then I realize its Levi driving the truck into the pines.

    as I am running out to save him I wonder if God can see
    that surley its impossible to have any sort of peace.

    Can’t you see I am weary Lord and the day is only half-way through?
    He quietly replies, “my grace is sufficient for you”

    But Lord this is hard and really it can’t be right
    You said your yoke is easy and your burdens light

    Are you up there smiling, sitting on your throne
    While World War III is happening right inside my home?

    Don’t forget child that I am the God of this war
    And I knew that children would toughen you up that is why I gave you four!

    So the boys are jumping monkeys and the septics backed up downstairs
    the baby is in the toilet again and using the water to brush her hair

    I will find my peace in Jesus and rejoice in the trials
    I will let the dust settle and put on a big smile

    Remind me O’ Lord that you have been in this all along
    And I will learn to trust you and sing my victory song!

  3. SO we all know, Jack is a very interesting and entertaining four year old boy. Today, I was talking with my toothless little cousin Jayleen.
    I said, “Jayleen, where did you lose your front teeth?”
    She replied, “At a party.”
    “Really??? hmmm, at a party?” I asked. I was seriously interested.
    Jack pipes in and says, “How much money did you get?”
    Jayleen sweety answers, “3 dollar’s.”
    Jack in his little man voice says as if it was a matter of fact, “Well, my grandma is tooth fairy.” He looks at his grandma very seriously and asks, “Grandma…. WHY did you give her three dollars??”
    We all found ourselves looking at her for the answer….

  4. One day over the summer I wanted to try a slushy recipe I found on pinterest. I had to buy kool-aid which I didn’t realize until bringing it home how we never buy it! When we were putting away groceries my kids were looking at these little packets very confused, asking each other what it might be….when I said kool-aid, they had no idea what that was. But when I explained how you make it and told them all the flavors, they were more than eager to try! Later when I was repeating this story to my sister, she told me a similar story about my nieces and nephew only they thought it was used for dieing cloth! they had no idea you could actually mix it up and drink it! Oh, the “deprived” life of little children of health nut mama’s!

  5. Okay, I don’t have a lot of time with my four littles running around but here is a link to one of my blog posts “Stories from the Playroom”. It’s a sweet story about everyday opportunities.

    K: Look at my animals. They’re the animals on Noah’s ark.
    E. These are the people who didn’t obey God, they are drowning!

    I hear all kinds of things coming from the playroom throughout my day. Sometimes its sweet words shared between the siblings, sometimes its screaming, and sometimes its an opportunity to teach the children about the Lord. We don’t need to sit down and have a formal lesson to learn about Jesus.

    You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates. Deuteronomy 11:18-20

    We can simply talk with our little ones about the wonderful things God has done and about His truths. Today, as they were playing Noah’s ark we talked about how it was too late for the people who didn’t believe God to be saved and get aboard the ark. Once the door was closed and the floods came it was too late. I explained that in our lives we need to believe God now and not wait until the day comes when faith shall be made sight. That day will be too late. We talked about choosing to believe and obey God now in every day things.

    The thing is, this is how we do most of our learning here. Certainly, we sit down with our preschool curriculum and do lessons, but most of the time we’re all learning together as we live and work as a family. Just like I don’t want to to wait to put my faith Jesus, I don’t want to wait to teach my children or do fun things with them when the timing is “just right” in my eyes. Now is the time. The girls often ask me to do things, more often than I’d like to admit I answer with “someday.” Eva reminded me that “someday” is today too.

  6. My son recently got braces. After the first orthodontist appointment when his wires were adjusted, his mouth was very sore. That evening, he didn’t feel like eating, and he moaned and groaned saying, “Braces hurt! I wish I’d never gotten braces! etc., etc.” The next month, after his appointment, he wasn’t sore at all! We were amazed that he was able to eat a normal dinner that night. Then we remembered that he had taken Bromelain for a headache that morning before going to the orthodontist! He’ll be taking Bromelain before every orthodontic appointment from now on! 🙂

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