Final Back to School Giveaway

Back to School Giveaway #4

Colostrum Transfer Factor

Facebook newsfeeds are full of cute back to school pictures from those homeschooling and those attending schools. Either people have started back or they should be in the next week! New crayons, colorful posters, happy faces, and lots of learning going on! There are hints of fall in the air too (although for us hints of fall equal temperatures below 100! so it may look a lot more like fall in your neck of the woods).  It seems to be a time of the year that we start savoring and enjoying life in a different way.

We have given away three great products SuperKids, D3 and BerryWell, all designed to help your child stay well during this school year! Our final giveaway is Colostrum Transfer Factor. And this may not be a go-to “immune booster” for you, but it should be. Colostrum is the nutrient-rich, pre-milk fluid produced by all mammals during the first few days after giving birth. It has an extremely high concentration of immunoglobulins (uniquely structured proteins that naturally contribute to healthy immune function). Colostrum keeps certain bacteria from adhering to mucus membranes, which is important since the majority of infections enter through the mucus membranes.

Colostrum Transfer Factor is safe for even our youngest customers, and the capsule can be broken open and mixed with a little liquid or soft food if your kiddo cannot swallow capsules yet. It can be given as a preventative if exposed, an immune booster, and as a helpful healing agent once you already feel ill!

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment that you would like to win and what your favorite memory of this time of year is! Then Wednesday at 4pm, we will select the next winner! Also, go to our Facebook page, and share the link about the giveaway (this will earn you extra entries)


24 responses to “Final Back to School Giveaway

  1. We would love to win this! We are too busy to be sick! My favorite thing about this time of year is the cooler temperatures and the smell of apples and pumpkin bread baking!

  2. Would love to win this! Can’t decide if my favorite memory of this time of year is my mom lining us all up on the front porch for first day of school pictures, or raking enormous piles of leaves to jump in!

  3. I would love this! I love the Fall Season…pumpkins, cool temperature, leaves and the new adventure of my first son entering kindergarten!

  4. I would LOVE to win the Colostrum Transfer Factor! My favorite memory of starting school was when my mom would buy me a “pencil” box which really was a cardboard cigar box and I would have to put a straight pen in the lid so it wouldn’t fall in. 🙂 For some reason that made me excited about school.

  5. I would love win this! We are moving to florida and we would like to stay healthy! I love fall period! I suppose it is because of the abundance of pumpkin, cool weather with flannel shirts, and the fresh fall smell!

  6. The favorite part of this time of year is the changing colors of the leaves here in Northern Michigan. I would Love to try this product!

  7. This is definitely my go-to immune booster! I started using it when I was given some (Thanks Steph!) to try when my oldest was just a little guy. I can never have to much on hand, since I give it to all 4 of my little ones…it goes fast.

  8. I would love to win this! I use this all winter long, as soon as one of my children complains that they are not feeling well.

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