Back to School Giveaway #2

Beeyoutiful’s D3 -sunshine for your insides!

Vitamin D3

Sunshine for your insides!

This week we will be giving away a bottle of Vitamin D3, which is an essential part of your Back to School preparation! Often called, “nature’s flu shot” because its anti-viral properties there is some great evidence to believe that daily use of Vitamin D3 can protect against the flu and colds!

Vitamin D3 is an immense contributor to controlling the immune system and helping to stave off “bugs” of all sorts. Flus, colds, other viral and bacterial upsets — these seemingly little attacks on your health can be some of the most draining, often going through the entire family and leaving everyone worn out. Help minimize the down-time with a “bottle of sunshine”

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment that you would like the bottle of Vitamin D3 and tell us what your favorite school supply is! Then Wednesday at 10am, we will select the next winner! Also, go to our Facebook page, and share the link about the giveaway (this will earn you extra entries)


36 responses to “Back to School Giveaway #2

  1. Would use the Vit. D3 here. Favorite school supply is whatever the deal is at Office Max this week! 🙂 Shopping those bargains is an addiction!

  2. I will be starting preschool with my 4 year old this year but I think that my favorite part of school will be reading aloud to them. I have gotten the D3 before and know that we would use it!

  3. I want the D3!!! My favorite school “supply” is a 3-ring binder with A-Z divider pages for storing all their great completed papers! I slip other keepsakes in here as well…for instance, birthday cards would go behind “B” in a plastic sleeve. Completed artwork that we want to save (or pictures of it if too large), get filed behind “A” (for Artwork). This notebook becomes a quick, intuitive “memory notebook” for each child for each year. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but it’s so much faster than making a hanging file, which can overflow in no time. Plus, the 3-ring binders are so much easier to enjoy years down the road, or to show Grandma, OR a great place from which to “pull” information (and memories) when I finally have time for scrapbooking!

  4. We live in Alaska so we NEED the D3! I love school supplies. I love freshly sharpened pencils and new crayons. It’s fun to see what is new too and what my 3yo would like to try. Mostly though, I love cute little notebooks with flowers on them that I can use for my OCD list making. It helps my brain to write it out!

  5. Who doesn’t need a little extra sunshine? I think our favorite school supply is the cutest lunchbox we can find 🙂 It holds lots of nutritious foods!

  6. I would love a bottle of D3. My favorite school supply is the uniforms. No worries about what to wear. 🙂

  7. I’d love to win a bottle!!! Sounds like a great thing to add to our Super Kids!!!
    We are just starting homeschooling for the first time! We have a K. And a pre K kiddo !! So not sure what we will love yet. But I’m guessing it will be our craft box with lots of fun suplies!!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  8. Would love to have this especially for my son with special needs who tends to be more susceptible to yucky illness.

    Favorite school supply – the right pen.

  9. I need D3 to boost my mood as I start getting less sun. It is also great for the school year when we are inside around lots of people,……I can’t get sick. My favorite school supply is colored pens, so fun!

  10. It would be GREAT to win the D3 and we love our backpacks! Just sent my first homeschool kid off to college, with a new backpack 🙂

  11. Our favorite school supply is plain paper. Used for paper airplanes and other such paper things, a blank slate for art and writing.

  12. Would love some of your Vitamin D as we live in the Pacific NW and need to supplement with it, especially in the winter! We home school and probably my favorite school supply is… I don’t know because I like it all. Getting the school books in the mail, setting up the binders and pencil boxes. Like it all!

  13. Would love a bottle of D3. And, our favorite school supplies are probably colorful new pens, crayons and pencils. 🙂

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