Back to School Giveaway #1!

Superkids comes in two flavors – Orange and Multiberry

It’s that time of year again! School will be back in session soon (if it isn’t already for you!) and it is time to stock up on the essentials: pencils, paper, crayons, glue, books, rulers, dry erase markers, etc …and it is me or has the listed exploded since I was in school! In all your preparation, have you thought about what you need to be stocking up on inside your supplement cabinet to boost your student’s immunity?

Whether your child is homeschooled or attends at a school, boosting their immunity is especially important part of getting ready for the school year. It is easy to see why your child attending a school might benefit, but homeschoolers often participate in co-op classes, sports, or lessons. Unfortunately, the gathering of people often brings the gathering of germs as well! So get a jump start and fill up the immunity as well as the backpacks!

Each Monday in August we will be giving away a product that is beneficial for school age children and specifically helps to boost immunity! This week, we are starting with SuperKids, a great tasting, liquid multivitamin that is great for all ages of the family! It comes in two great flavors: Orange and Multiberry! My kids love both of them, and we end up alternating flavors each month.

Taking a multivitamin daily is a great way to fill in the nutritional gaps that we have! Whether from picky eaters, filling in the gaps of an already great diet, or just making sure they get what their growing bodies need, taking a multivitamin is a great way to keep the body nourished and cells fed, which will mean they are less likely to be susceptible to infections.

To enter the drawing, leave a comment below that you would love to have one, and what flavor you want! Also, go back to our facebook page and share our link about the giveaway. (this will earn you extra entries into the drawing!) 

We will tally up all the entries by Tuesday at 5pm and pick a winner!


133 responses to “Back to School Giveaway #1!

  1. Love these vitamins! I believe that taking these vitamins everyday last winter helped my kids not get sick. I have four kids and they like both flavors!

  2. Would love the multiberry one! My kids dropped the last bottle and broke it before they ever got to try it! Haven’t been able to order more yet. Just got to say, we love the Berrywell too!

  3. My kids take vitamins every day–but we’re tired of the chewable ones from the drugstore. We would love to try the Multiberry SuperKids!!!

  4. We have four children and would love to try SuperKids!! I have taken SuperMom for a while and absolutely love it.

  5. I’d love to win…My kids love the taste of Superkids! I’d like to try the multiberry, we’ve never had that one.

  6. Super Moms, Super Dads, and Super Kids are a staple around our house! During the cold/flu season this is one of main things the children take to keep well! This year I’ll have 4 taking Super Kids! It would be a blessing to have a bottle!!!

  7. I would absolutely LOVE a free bottle!! I have sevral children with learning struggles , and it was suggested to give them quality supplements. I have been using your Super Kids with them for over a yr now . They like the orange flavor the best…Winning a bottle of this would be a tremendous blessing as I have 5 children I give supplements to 🙂

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Superkids! My boys ask for it if I forget to give them their daily dose. They love the multiberry flavor and we are just about out and ready for a new bottle, so….. 😉

  9. Past time to order ours here. Love the Superkids and how it boosts the overall immune function, etc. Kids love either flavor! 🙂

  10. Either flavor is fine, some of my kids like orange and some like multiberry. I can’t favor any children over the others, so I’ll let you choose when I win. 🙂 (Full of confidence!)

  11. Ooooh I’ve been wanting to get some of this and try for my 4 kiddos! Would Love one! Thanks for The opportunity! And any flavor will do! THANK-YOU! 🙂

  12. I would love to have one of these. My kids LOVE THESE vitamins. We use orange and just mix it in with their morning OJ.

  13. My kids love SuperKids (helps wash down cod liver oil too!). They love both flavors but we have multiberry now so I’ll say Orange!

  14. I have 6 children, so anything that promotes well-ness is worth trying in my book! We’d love to try the Orange flavor.

  15. we would love to have the orange flavor! Our whole family loves this! When mommy can’t stomach prenatal vitmins, I can always keep this down. The kids beg for it!

  16. I have never tried the superkids, but we would love too!! We would love to try the multiberry flavor!!! Thanks

  17. I tried the super kids once and my son loved it. He always looked forward to taking his vitamins; I would love to win the multiberry one since we’ve just tried the orange flavor.

  18. Would love to try this MVI for my six children. We haven’t tried it yet and this would be a great way to see if they like it. I guess from other replies-we’d like Multiberry.

  19. I have been telling all my gal friends about this product! A must for the busy year ahead and a must for ALL year long in my book! My kids would love to try the Multiberry! Have not tried that flavor yet! Thanks for the chance at fun give aways like this! =) Blessings!

  20. We would like to try the multiberry. Great multivitamin that we just started on and helped my daughter get over an illness much quicker than normal!

  21. I have tried the Super Mom multi-vitamin before and it is great, so I am sure the children’s is just as superb. Would love to win so my kids could try it. I think they would like the multiberry!

  22. We are new to Beeyoutiful and haven’t tried this yet would love to try it for my kindergartener! Either flavor…but I tend to favor berry 😉

  23. Multiberry please, but either is fine! Love this stuff and free is wonderful! :). Thanks for the chance!

  24. We love the super dad’s and mom’s! I’d love to try the super kids for my 4 boys. They would love multi berry, I’m sure.

  25. I have been looking for a good multi vitamin to give my 5 under 8. We would love to give these a try. Orange for this family. :- )

  26. My three kids all happily take their Superkids vitamins! We have the berry flavor, but we are almost out. We would love to try the orange. Thanks beeyoutiful for such a great product!!

  27. I would love to have this for my boys ! I have 5 boys nd number 6 on the way. 🙂 we have tried the berry flavor, would love to try the orange next!

  28. I think I put a reply in the wrong place up top, oops. I would love to gat some for my kids. Any flavor would be great. I want to get a jump start on the cold season this year!

  29. I would love to find a great multivitamin my son can take. This one looks fantastic. I have loved Supermom in the past. Multiberry would probably go over better.

  30. I have a medically fragile daughter, so we are very careful about what we give her. She always benefits from great supplementation, and she’d probably love the berry flavor.

  31. I would love to win this for my Son with autism who needs gluten and dye free vitamins and can’t swallow pills. We would like multi berry please.

  32. we go through a bottle of this every 9 days or so when all 6 of us take it! My husband and I Use the superkids as well! We LOVE it and add cayenne and sometimes ginger depending on whats going around. Would be great to win one! Either flavor is good, but multiberry seems to be the favorite around here!

  33. Our family loves Superkids vitamins. We’ve been using them for 3 years now and they are the only vitamins I have found that my kids don’t complain about taking. The Orange flavor is their favorite.

  34. We LOVE Superkids here…we are halfway gone with our current bottle of the berry flavor…with 4 kiddos 2-6 it does not last long! Thanks for such great products. I would love a bottle of berry, thanks.

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