Stevia French Vanilla, Who Wants One??

We are giving away a Stevia French Vanilla!  Stevia is a great all-natural sweet tasting substitute for sweetening your beverages, foods and more. For those of you looking to reduce the sugar intake in your diet or have gotten rid of sure completely (but still have a sweet tooth), this is for you!

To enter our giveaway, post a reply to this post telling us how you have used stevia in the past, or if you’ve never used it, how would you use it if you had a free bottle!  (sharing will get you extra entries, but read the end of this post for sharing details!)

We’ll end the drawing tomorrow at 5pm!

For more info on about sugar in your diet, check out this article by Nancy Webster from our 2012 Spring Catalog:

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49 responses to “Stevia French Vanilla, Who Wants One??

  1. I have used stevia in coffee and teas and also have made lemonade with it! My kids and husband love it!! I love it too and I know I am giving them something healthier then sugar!

  2. Ah! I need a new bottle of liquid stevia! I keep one in my purse to use when I am out and about, or on trips…works splendidly!

  3. My husband is diabetic and I have been unsuccessful in finding a stevia sweetener that he likes outside of Truvia (which I am not that excited about because it is made by Coca Cola and so I don’t trust it)! I would love to be able to try this one!

  4. I use stevia almost every day in fruit smoothies or to sweeten plain keifer to feed my baby! She made it through her first year of life with absolutely no sugar! I also use to sweeten iced green tea and lemon water.

  5. I keep a small tin of stevia in my purse to sweeten drinks when I’m out of the house. A liquid french vanilla sounds perfect for the upcoming cooler months and cups of hot coffee and tea.

  6. I’ve never used it, but have been wanting to try it. I would use it in coffee, tea, lemonade, and I’m sure I would find lots of other uses. 🙂

  7. My husband and I have been trying to get the sugar out of our diets. We have tried several types of stevia with mixed results. French vanilla stevia sounds wonderful! I would love to try that in my coffee. 🙂

  8. I know Jeff (my husband) would LOVE this for coffee, he’s been trying to come up with natural ways to flavor and sweeten his coffee also! 🙂
    p.s. regarding the ‘sharing’ I don’t know how to find the original post i shared it from…can’t remember… 😀

  9. I love stevia in my tea, smoothies, lemonade, and occasionally coffee. It’s pretty good in yogurt too! I too like to keep some in my purse for when I order iced tea in restaurants. A big bonus is that it mixes in SO much easier than sugar or artificial sweeteners (which I wouldn’t bother with anyway, but you know)

  10. I have never used Stevia, but have heard good things about it. I would use it in my hot tea, iced tea, coffee. Would like to try it!

  11. I’d love to try it in my tea or even muffins, etc. Years ago when stevia first became popular I used it in a green powder form. It was awful and not very appetizing looking since it made everything green. I’ve heard stevia has come a long way since then and so I would love to try it again. If it tastes great, I would become a regular user since it’s so much healthier.

  12. I buy Tons of the Sweetleaf brand and use it in my whipping cream, coffee, lemonade and smoothies! I can’t live without it. I also put it in my sparkling water and it tastes just like Cream soda, sooooo Delish! I’d love to try a new brand to compare. It’s tough to beat Sweetleaf brand!

  13. I haven’t used stevia before but my mom has and keeps telling me I need to try it. I want to give up sugar, but I have to have something to sweeten my coffee. I would love to try stevia french vanilla in coffee. That would be really good!

  14. Our family loves vanilla stevia! I like to put it in our oatmeal and it bakes up really nice in dessert recipes!

  15. Prior to me introducing my husband to liquid stevia, he would use sugar to sweeten his coffee. Now, he only uses stevia. He does like the taste of that artificial vanilla flavored coffee and buys a cup or two/ wk..I would love to win a bottle of vanilla flavor stevia so my husband can get the NATURAL taste of vanilla in his coffee not that artificial stuff…

  16. I use stevia most often to sweeten my Dandy Blend-milk drink. I also like to use it in homemade lemmon and vanilla puddings. It also works well for sweetening fresh (not cooked) jams and fruit sauces.

  17. I use regular stevia in tea, lemonade, and smoothies. I’ve never used the french vanilla before–sounds good!

  18. I would love to try vanilla stevia! I use the stevia drops to sweeten my plain yogurt and I love baking with Domino Light – a sweetener combining sugar with stevia that reduces the sugar in your baked goods by half!

  19. I have used Truvia but not Stevia – one of my friends shared a coffee recipe that used stevia french vanilla and I would love to be able to try it!

  20. I am trying to avoid sugar this pregnancy, to help weight gain and yeast issues. This sounds like a great product.

    • In liquid drinks it works best if you add it to your water before heating it. Decreases the stevia taste while keeping the sweet. 🙂

  21. I’ve used Stevia for various things in the past…once I made brownies! 🙂 I want to go on a juice fast that would include drinking tea but I don’t wantnto use sugar and can’t stand unsweetened tea. Thisbottle of stevia would be perfect! 🙂

  22. Ive used stevia when baking bread in my bread maker and you don’t need much. It’s nice to know of an alternative to man procecessed goods.

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