An alien in my homeland

Steph and I have the great privilege of being able to travel a lot — or the burden of having to travel a lot, depending on your perspective. And we encounter a lot of different people. Because of what we do, the conversation often turns to health and we often get to hear personal health stories. One thing that I was struck with recently, is that in spite of our travels, we are kinda sheltered. We are surrounded by people having similar mindsets regarding personal health and healthcare, or at least are familiar with and/or tolerant of our alternative and at-home remedies. I mean surrounded. At work, at home, at church, at the conferences we attend, on various forums, and even on Facebook. Perhaps we all drawn together by commonalities, or perhaps having been drawn together we are all effected by the same influences, and maybe, we are having a small influence on those around us. We just don’t know how “normal” people live, and how they eat, how they endure illness, how often it strikes, how long it lasts, and what a course of treatment looks like. And so, when we see an occasional glimpse, we are shocked at the ignorance, at how conditions and diseases and sickness are considered normal. At how eating Twinkies can be considered a healthy habit because it keeps the blood sugar up. And in the midst of our shock, we are reminded how far we have come and that we are no longer “normal”. Not even close. Most people would consider us to be pretty weird, or crunchy, or far out, or wacko, or one of the other terms that we may have used in the past to describe people like us who were just plain different.

We live here in America, we were born and raised here, but we don’t live like most people do. We don’t eat or cook or shop or treat illness like most people. We have become abnormal. So much so that we may as well have been born and raised in a different country. We are aliens – aliens who are a lot more healthy than most people. But we are going to continue down the path we’re on, and maybe one day, everything will change, and we’ll be “normal” again. 🙂



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