What would you change?

In the coming weeks, I’m going to be asking for feedback on a number of topics related to Beeyoutiful. I would appreciate any and all responses. In this context, even harsh criticism is helpful. So, get your thinking caps on, sharpen up your opinionatedness (if that is a word) and let us have it. As I present some topics, I have thought of some questions to ask yourself that might trigger some opinionated response: What would I add or remove and what would I change or do differently if I had the opportunity? What do I really like, and what do I dislike? What is especially helpful, and what is not so much? What is important to me and what is unimportant? What has frustrated me, and what has made me feel special?

So the topic for this week is communications, but specifically email communications. Currently we use email for newsletters, new product alerts, order confirmation and receiving and responding to questions. We are also hoping to offer multipart informational courses in which bite-sized emails could be sent out at regular intervals, to cover some kind of topic or another. One of these we had thought of is a pregnancy series. When a participant signed up, they would input what week they were on, and they would get emails going forward from that week with what to expect, helpful tips, and encouragement. We have also thought about emailing a series of videos. We’ve considered sending out health bulletins, with an article similar to what might appear in a print newsletter, links to related health articles and perhaps even a compilation of interesting health related links that we have found during the week or month. And of course we can be doing or forwarding health advocacy news, links, etc. And there are a lot of other things that we can do with email.

So in addition to the questions above, here are a few more to stimulate some thoughtful opinions. Would you like more or less communications? What would you like to see in a newsletter? Do email courses interest you? What else would you like to see us doing? Thanks in advance! –steve



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