Home Sweet Home

When we purchased our house several years ago, we ignorantly supposed it to be an “investment”. It was right at the end of the big real estate bubble and just before everything started coming down. We finally managed to sell our previous house in spite of the cooling market, for less than we wanted, but more than we paid, so that worked out, but was a bit painful for a few months there.

We have come to think of our house, not as an investment, but as a liability. Even though, in a more recent “traditional” sense, we can “afford it” (make the payments), even though, in spite of the timing, we got a good deal for our place, we still owe a great deal of money, and we can look forward to paying enormous amounts of interest on it.  We want to change the paradigm of how we operate financially. We want to be out of debt. We want to be saving. We want to be giving more. This is our plan. While there are advantages to keeping our current place, and all sorts of potential downsides to uprooting, we would like to be out of this house, at or near what we have into it, just to be free of the mortgage.

We’ve had the house on the market off and on for a couple of years. A few days ago, for the first time, we got an offer. We negotiated a bit, and we won’t get out everything we have in it, but we will be free of the debt, and have a little bit of pocket change if this goes through. Now it is just waiting on the potential buyers’ house in OH to sell. Selling the house won’t be the end of the adventure, but rather the start of a number of new ones, and a significant milestone on our path to what we feel is true financial responsibility.




One response to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi, Steve, I recently found your blog and am wondering what ended up happening with your home? Did you sell it? What were your plans after that? We would love to be out of debt, too, if the Lord allows, but we realize that renting may not be the solution we’re looking for, either. Thank you for sharing on your blog; it’s very interesting! ~Debbie

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