A hard topic

We heard some information on the topic of abortion the other day that was shocking to me. Since abortion was legalized in the US in the 70s, more than 50 million have been performed. If you believe that life begins at conception as I do, that means 50 million people killed. To put this into perspective, our current population is only just over 300 million – for the entire US.

Population of Canada – 35 million.

Population of Australia – 24 million

Population of New Zealand – 5 million

If anybody ever were able to wipe out one any one of these populations, it would probably be considered one of the greatest atrocities the world has every seen, if not the greatest.

There are only 24 countries in the world with a population greater than 50 million.

Population of Iraq – 31 million

Population of Kuwait – 3 million

Population of Saudia Arabia – 27 million

Estimate of the number of people that died under Saddam Hussein’s 22 year rule – 600,000 + 500,000 casualties of Iran/Iraq war.

His ouster was considered a great triumph and he was executed for his crimes. Billions of dollars were spent to protect and/or liberate the above countries, and to keep future atrocities from being perpetrated by him.

Population of Rwanda – 10,500,00

The not so well publicized, but terribly tragic genocide of Rwandans in the 90s – 850,000.

The World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11/01 was the catalyst for many world events. We were so outraged at the loss of life that we spent billions of dollars to root out the perpetrators and planners at their source. WTC deaths = 2752.

The Vietnam war was extremely long and unpopular, resulting in the deaths of many young Americans. Total count of deaths in 10 years of war was 57,000.

Other facts to consider:

Revolutionary War – 25,000 American deaths.

Civil War – the bloodiest of all US wars – 499,000 deaths.

WW1 – 120,000 American deaths

WW2 – 407,000 American deaths

Korean War – 54,246 American deaths

Gulf War – 293 American deaths

Currently we are engaged in a kind of war/police action in Iraq and Afghanistan and we have been there for years, and seem likely to be there for many years to come. There have been many deaths and even more injuries. We personally know several families that have been impacted. It is becoming very unpopular because we don’t seem to be making headway, there seems to be no solution to the issue, and people are still dying, some say “unnecessarily”. Total deaths of American soldiers thus far is approximately 4748.

We are engaging in a practice in the US, that is averaging killing more Americans PER YEAR than all of the US wars combined. We are currently at a number that is about 500% more than the holocaust. Just as the Germans thought there was nothing wrong with what they were doing, and so kept detailed records, that is the pervading attitude in the US. That is pretty tragic. Now we look at what the Germans did as atrocities and sit in judgement of that generation and their apathy and wonder how it was able to go so far. Perhaps one day a future generation will think the same of us.

I don’t know exactly what to say about all of this except that I find it crazy that we can get all shocked and horrified about 6 people dying in a school shooting, and we want to change the laws and spent millions and millions on improved school safety. I find it crazy that if a couple of hundred people die in a plane crash it is a tragedy, and we spend millions investigating and trying to make sure it never happens again. If a couple of thousand people die, it is a disaster, and we spend billions bringing the perpetrators to answer. 50 million die and it is a statistic, with no emotional response. Why am I not outraged? How should I respond?

Judgement is coming. It came for Hitler and the Germans. It came for Saddam and his supporters. Judgement is coming and it will be well deserved.

I don’t know what I should be doing or will be doing about this, but the statistics shocked me – hopefully into doing something.



One response to “A hard topic

  1. Well put, Steve. It is tragic and unbelievably inhumane that unborn babies are considered less human than anyone else. But, ask any mother who has had a miscarriage and they know for sure that they lost a child, a human person — that person died. I agree with you that God will surely judge us as he has judged so many civilizations through the centuries for their brutality and senseless killings of others for whatever reasons.

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