Busy little bees

Recently, we have lost some employees due to various circumstances, and this has resulted in us having a lot more work to do, and again doing things that we had to do in the early days of the company, customer service, shipping and other things. In many ways it is very exciting because that’s where the action is. In others, it is very exhausting, but because in addition to do our those things, we are still doing most of the things that we were doing before, behind the scenes stuff like accounting, website work, catalog, writing, product development and even more mundane things.
But despite the excitement and the positive energy that we’re experiencing, and despite really loving what we are doing more than in a long time, I personally am starting to get fatigued. Not badly, but it is starting to get wearing.
We are trying to be very careful about who we add to our team, which is why it has taken a while to get some help. But help is on the way. So no need to worry there.
In the meantime we’re doing the best we can keeping up with everything. And we’re taking our supplements to stay healthy and keep going.
And tonight I played basketball.  I love basketball. It is a great exercise and it is a great stress reliever. But playing has been rare these last few years. I’m more physically exhausted now than I was before, and I’ll probably barely be able to walk tomorrow (I am far too sedentary), but I think it was a good thing.
And now I should sleep. Some nights there is enough, and others not quite enough. But there is the weekend to which to look forward. Except this one. Sounds like it will be busy with late nights trying to watch the new year come in and all.
I hope you all enjoy what you are doing in life, as much as I do. I am very blessed in that.
–steve tallent


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