Merry Christmas

So after posting a blog that I need to start blogging and intend to do so, it is only 2 months to my first installment. Guess I need to do better.

This week has been pretty crazy. Danny was gone all week and I was trying to keep up with shipping AND setup and implement a new shipping system. All month we are doing a promotion on Essential Oil Diffusers that require folks to call in and order. Liz and I have been answering most of the calls, until this week. Steph had to pitch in a lot more this week because I was gone shipping and Liz was sick, and then off for the holidays. Thursday I ended up doing shipping and manning the phones for a number of hours. And lastly, I have been coming home and trying to keep up with the rest of my duties and also learn our VoIP phone configuration interface. It has been exhausting for both Steph and I.

Right now we’re chilling at Mary and Tal Ewing’s. We’re going to spend Christmas here. It is nice not to have to be hosting. Noelle and Steph just went off to go to bed, and I’m on my way to join them.

Merry Christmas to you all. Regardless of how you celebrate or don’t celebrate Christmas, this is a great time of year to spend time with friends and family that you love. And it is always good to remember in wonder, that Jesus left his throne and his kingly crown to come to live where hunger, fatigue, and hate are a part of life, and where even your best friends betray and abandon you. He did it knowing more about all of this than any of us.

Thanks be to God.


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